Freaky beast at M Taipei 2016
By 天使一零一餐飲有限公司 Follow | Public

It's time to get your freak on ! we need something excited and crazy ! Did u smell the odd while u walking on the street ! Ohhhh ! It's Halloween party at m Taipei ! How many ways to celebrate this one ? Too many ! Be one of the beasts with us ! Tonight ! You can be whoever you want ! Release yourself ! We want u to have a freak night !
以為萬聖節就要這樣沒了?可是怎麼走在街上有一種詭異的氣氛?因為今晚是群魔亂舞的m Taipei 的 Halloween party !來自世界各地的人們將他們不同的過節方式帶到了M !